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Our advantages

Many driving schools emphasize among their advantages experienced instructors, flexible training schedule, driving in foreign cars, staged payment, etc. In fact, these are not competitive advantages, but a standard that should be in every driving school. In addition to this standard set, a number of real advantages distinguish DrivePRO driving school.

  • European approach

    The material base is created on the example of driving schools of European countries, which provides all the opportunities for quality training. What distinguishes us from other driving schools in Kiev is a charge of motivation, which we give from the first lesson. We know how to motivate you not to ``get a license``, but to ``pass on the rights``.

  • Author's methodology

    We have developed a step-by-step plan, the implementation of which will allow each student to achieve the goal of becoming a real driver. ``Come and see for yourself``.

  • Interactive lectures

    Each lecture is accompanied by a multimedia presentation in the new Prezi format with illustrations, life examples and engaging videos, as well as the use of a multimedia whiteboard.

  • Simulators

    The European methodology implies the mandatory use of simulators for initial driver training. Drive PRO is the first driving school in Ukraine, which started using mechanical simulators and German car simulators for quality training of its students.

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  • Video recordings of all lectures

    If you do not have time to come to the lecture, we will send you a video recording of the missed lecture. Thanks to this service, you will be able to listen to the necessary material and do your homework without falling behind the group

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  • Wi-Fi & Coffee Break

    During a break in the middle of a lecture, you can relax, have a cup of tea or coffee, snack on cookies and share news. If your smartphone is running low on power, we have a universal charger that will fit any smartphone.

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  • A pleasant surprise for every student

    Our team likes to please our customers with small gifts and surprises. You will be pleasantly surprised!

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  • Promotions from partners

    When you enroll in our driving school, you will receive guidance in selecting your vehicle

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The training lasts 2.5-3 months, it all depends on whether you have time to do a rollback on your program and how the group does on the internal exam.

Only by the NUMBER OF PRACTICAL LESSONS and the price. The theory course is the same everywhere, you take it within the same group according to a set lesson plan.

No, no and no. On the website you see the final price, we do not underestimate it to attract customers and we will not give you an unexpected invoice.

Technically, you're not even a driver. According to the rules, the driver is the instructor and you are only the student. All machines are equipped with additional pedals and therefore your instructor is responsible for the machine.

Choose the desired start date of training, come to our office at 53A Vasylkivska Street with a passport, identification code and a set of 4 3x4 photo cards. We will conclude a contract, you pay an advance payment of 5000 UAH and you will be enrolled in the group.

The internal exam, as well as in TSC, will consist of two stages - theory and practice. The theory of the internal exam at our driving school includes 40 questions and a maximum of 2 mistakes (but no more than 1 per 20 questions). After passing the theory, you are allowed to take the practice test.

You can take the test either on your own after receiving a certificate of completion of the driving school or in an organized group on the car on which you have been trained. The delivery of a car for an individual test is agreed on a personal basis.

he medical certificate of fitness to drive has a special form established by law, it indicates the category and the immediate fitness to drive vehicles that belong to it. In your case it will be category ``B``. Your identity on it is certified with a photo. It is mandatory for each student, because it is essentially his temporary license to travel to the city. It is also submitted in the set of documents for the TSC, as it testifies to your mental and physical fitness.

Yes, you can. You can study for category ``B`` from the age of 16. But you can only get your license at the age of 18. Therefore, if you do not want to delay this moment and make a gap in training, the best time for you to start training is at most 2 months before your birthday. In this case, you will be able to give yourself a nice gift in honor of your adulthood. Otherwise, you will have to wait for your birthday and lose precious skills.

It is possible, but not desirable. No one will expel you or penalize you, we are all human beings and missing 2-3 classes is unlikely to significantly affect your results. Of course, it is better to discuss it with the lecturer, because some topics are difficult to understand on your own, while in a lecture they are explained simply and concisely. In any case, the more time you devote to your studies, the more satisfactory your results will be.

The schedule of practical lessons is strictly individual. You arrange it with the instructor yourself and study at a time convenient for you, even on weekends. It has nothing to do with theory at all, except that you will not be able to study during lectures.

Practice goes PARALLELELY with theory. It just starts 3-4 weeks later, after the basic rules of the road, so that you understand what an intersection is, know the road users and have an idea about regulation. Your practical and theoretical lessons end at approximately the same time.

Our license at the moment allows training students for category ``B``. If you have an open category ``C`` and above at us you can pass the rollback without the theory course for passing the exam in the MREO for category ``B``.

The official fee for each pass is 26 UAH for theory and 13 UAH for practice. Also after passing you pay for the production of a plastic card. Theory can be passed until the expiration of the certificate of driving school with a mandatory break of five days. Practice you can not pass only twice. After the third time you have to pass the rollback on the car again. Only those who have passed the theory are allowed to practice.

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