Training lasts from 2.5 months, it all depends on the course you choose.

Only by the number of practical classes and the cost. Some courses also include emergency driving classes. Students study the theoretical course in groups according to a specific schedule (except for individual training).

No. Everything is already included in the price. On the website you can see the final cost of training.

Technically, a student is not a driver. According to traffic rules, the instructor is considered the driver. All driving school cars are equipped with additional pedals and rear-view mirrors for the instructor, meaning that he or she is responsible for the car.

You can enroll in our school both at 53A Vasylkivska Street and remotely. We will need your documents (passport with a residence permit and identification number) and an advance payment, after which we will enroll you in the group.

The internal exam, as in the TSC, will consist of two stages: theory and practice.

After completing the training, the driving school issues a certificate to each student (now they are in electronic form), and the student goes to the TSC for exams. The student can take the theoretical exam at a time convenient for him (of course, we will explain everything about the exam procedure), for the practical exam, each student individually goes with his instructor in the same car in which he was trained and takes the exam in the presence of his instructor and inspector. The driving school supports and accompanies students not only during the training, but also during the exams, until they receive their driver's license.

The medical certificate of fitness to drive has a special form prescribed by law, which indicates the category and the actual fitness to drive vehicles of this category. Your identity on it is confirmed by a photo. Passing an appropriate medical examination before starting practical training at a driving school and having such a medical certificate is a mandatory legal requirement for every student of a driving school.

Yes, you can take training for category B starting at the age of 16. However, you can only get a driver's license when you turn 18.

You can, but of course it is better to attend all the lectures. Because some topics are difficult to study thoroughly on your own, and at the lectures you will get answers to all your questions right away. In any case, we have all the topics in videos, so you can watch them yourself. And remember that the more time you devote to your studies, the better your results will be.

The schedule of practical classes is exclusively individual. You coordinate it with the instructor and study at a time convenient for you (instructors work on weekdays and weekends, and early in the morning and late in the evening, if necessary).

Practice goes hand in hand with theory. It starts 3-4 weeks later, immediately after learning the basic rules of the road.

Now we teach only for category B. If you have an open category ``C`` and above, you can take the practical part of category ``B`` to prepare for the exam at the TSC.

At the Territorial Service Center, the cost of the state fee is UAH 25 for the theory and UAH 13 for the practice, excluding the bank's commission. You will also have to pay for the issuance of a plastic card for a driver's license. There are no restrictions on the number of attempts to pass the theory and practice exams. The practical test can be retaken after 10 days.