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Driving Simulator

After we visited several European countries and tested all the best driving simulator options on offer, we chose what we believe to be the most realistic and best driving school simulator available in Europe at the moment. According to the manufacturer, we are the first Eastern European driving school to order this simulator from Germany. Therefore, we translated its interface ourselves. So you will definitely not find any analogues. It will allow you to effectively and safely practice every stage of the curriculum, from getting to know the controls to maneuvering in a mountainous area, a metropolis, or on a rural road or highway, in rain, snow, fog, and will also allow you to check and improve your reaction time in dangerous situations. After a few sessions in the simulator, you’ll adapt more quickly and start performing more complex elements rather than spending time learning the basics.




Skoda Octavia A8 2020

Our all-new sedan with a manual transmission. Spacious interior, pleasant materials, noise insulation. This car is ideal for students who value comfort. The A8 is a modern car with a start-stop button, electronic steering wheel and other technologies. You must admit that it is twice as pleasant to learn to drive a car from the cabin.




Two 2019 Skoda Octavia A7

The Skoda Octavia A7 is a reliable and modern sedan that is able to provide comfort and safety during every trip. This car attracts attention with its stylish design and balanced performance. Thanks to its high maneuverability, easy handling and good visibility from the steering wheel, Skoda Octavia A7 will help you easily master various road situations. You will be able to drive confidently, react more confidently to road signs and other road users.




Skoda Scala 2023

The Skoda Scala is a compact hatchback that attracts with its modern design and advanced technology. It is equipped with reliable safety systems and comfort features that make driving an easy and enjoyable experience. The comfortable interior of the car will allow you to easily master all the necessary driving skills. The spaciousness of the cabin ensures a comfortable seating position for the driver and passengers, and large windows provide excellent visibility on the road.




Toyota Camry 2021

Our all-new 2021 Toyota Camry sedan with automatic transmission, which will allow you to get even more out of your driving experience. It’s a modern car with a start-stop button, an electronic steering wheel, and other technologies. You must admit that learning to drive a car from the cabin is doubly enjoyable.