General information

General information

No more lecturer reciting rules from memory! Structured presentations in the new Prezi format with illustrations, life examples and fascinating videos are waiting for you. Interactive games for better perception of the material and special attention to the most important issue - solving theoretical tickets are also waiting for you. As a bonus, in the break between the two-hour lecture, you can have a cup of tea with your favorite sweets

Why is this important? Because you don't have to hold the gear lever when you start off, you don't have to ``kick out`` the gear you want, and you don't have to twist the steering wheel on difficult elements without power steering. Concentrate on learning and enjoy the real pleasure of riding.

Experienced instructors who know absolutely everything about passing exams in TSC and have released more than one hundred students on the roads of Kiev. Want to be sure of a positive result of training? Then you definitely need to come to us! If you have already passed the license, but you are afraid or feel not quite confident on the road, they will gladly teach you everything they know, as well as you can work out all the routes and directions without territorial restrictions.

Flexible individual schedule of practical lessons. You are given complete freedom in interaction with the instructor, and you will always be able to choose a convenient time for you, as well as to practice driving in any weather and time of day.

A simulated railroad crossing, a steep climb, garages for backing up, figure eights and more, which you won't find on a regular training ground, and in the city can be a little scary to train.

At the conclusion of the contract you pay only a fixed advance payment of 5000 UAH and you are already free to attend lectures. The residual amount is paid upon commencement of practical classes.

Any training package you choose includes a FULL course of lectures and a selected number of practical lessons WITHOUT fuel surcharges. We are in favor of honesty and openness with our students.

Studying at Drive Pro driving school you will know the management personally and you can always ask questions and make suggestions. We work with you and for you to make the learning process as effective and interesting as possible.

As an element of crash training in a small course for a maximum of four people.

Competent training in the specifics of winter driving in a general package of services, as well as individually. You will no longer be afraid to drive in winter, or consider it an unsuitable time for learning to drive.