Internal exam

The internal exam consists of two parts: theoretical and practical. During the internal exam, when testing your knowledge and skills, we aim to fairly assess the level of training of our students. After successfully passing our exams, you will easily pass the theory and practice at the Service Center.

The internal theory exam consists of two tickets with 20 questions. You have the right to make 2 mistakes. Only students who have passed 100% of the test questions are allowed to take the internal exam. The form of delivery is on any convenient gadget, which allows the teacher to immediately assess the student’s knowledge. The questions and drawings to them in the internal exam fully correspond to the tickets to the TCC. The exam is taken at the last theory lesson. In case of an unsuccessful attempt, a retake day is scheduled. All theory retakes at the driving school are absolutely free.

The internal practical exam is aimed at testing the student’s knowledge of traffic rules and the basics of safety while driving in urban conditions. It also checks the implementation of the elements required by the TCC (parallel parking, reverse parking, driving downhill from the handbrake, three-step turn, etc.) Our exam is fully compliant with the TCC’s Exam Acceptance Guidelines.