Drive PRO’s mission, vision and values

Drive PRO’s mission, vision and values

Our mission: “To teach driving skills to our clients and increase driving culture in Ukraine as a whole. We motivate students to pass their own exams by providing quality service with the use of modern technologies”

Strategic vision: “To have 100 thousand graduates by the end of 2030. We will be the first driving school that will be able to train drivers at the highest level in the country”

Corporate values:

We work to fulfill our clients' need for quality education, so we have created a unique training system to ensure high performance in exams.

We are not just a group of founders and employees, we are a team of like-minded people who are moving in the same direction and working as one, so our company holds many events to maintain the corporate spirit and very much values the contribution of each team member to the development of our business.

Relationships in our company are built on the principles of decency and responsibility towards employees, business partners and customers, so we always fulfill our obligations and are intolerant to meanness and deceit.

Our main competitive advantage is the enormous motivation of students to achieve their goals, so throughout the training we constantly contact and support students, forming the right attitude to the result.

We position ourselves as a European driving school, so we invest in new equipment for classes, use modern computer technology and reliable cars, develop a training program based on the experience of advanced countries of the European Union.

We have made the decision to be realistic and demand the impossible from ourselves, we strive to improve ourselves and our service every day, so we take any comments from our customers as a chance to get better.

Our team is focused not only on quality results, but also on the bright process of learning, so only at our driving school, attending extracurricular activities, students get a huge charge of positivity and colorful memories for many years.

We always provide only quality services and we see the future behind it, so we never seek short-term gains in return for deteriorating quality.

Each member of our team is passionate about their work, not afraid of any problems and difficulties, working hard and constantly learning something. That is why we hire only people with great willpower and perseverance.

We always remain courteous and respectful to our clients, business partners and government authorities under all circumstances, so we have developed a Code of Ethics for our company, which all team members are bound to follow.