DrivePRO guarantees

DrivePRO guarantees

Each student has the right to learn the necessary information about his or her driving instructor, as well as individualize the rolling schedule of the vehicle.

You have the right to terminate the contract concluded with us without giving any reasons before the beginning of the theory classes and to fully refund your advance payment. You also have the right to terminate the training at any time for objective reasons and return the cost price of the practical lessons you have not completed before the end of the theory classes

Should you become dissatisfied with your driving instructor, you have the right to continue your training with another.

As long as students meet all the requirements of the training program. We take responsibility for your gradual progress and success in passing the tests.

Practice instructors of DrivePRO driving school, will bring the car to the place of meeting the student on time. Late arrivals are allowed for no more than 15 minutes and only for objective reasons. Longer tardiness is a reason for postponing the lesson at the request of the student or additional workout of the missed training time.

We give you the opportunity not to wait until all members of your group have completed their training, but individually, independently of anyone else, to set yourself a date for the internal practice exam.

We guarantee that during practical lessons, the instructor will not make unreasonable and unwanted pauses in training. Telephone calls may be made only with the permission of the student. The lesson can be finished not earlier than 5 minutes, taking into account the time for analyzing the mistakes made and familiarizing the student with the plan of the next lesson.