Legal support


Our experienced lawyers Valery and Vitaly offer services for the following legal matters:

Consulting and support of driving schools

  1. Consultations on work and customization of ARM “AUTOSHKOLA” – 3000 UAH/60 min;
  2. Introduction of changes in the MTB of the institution (composition of specialists, vehicles, driving range) – 1500 UAH/application;
  3. Consultations regarding the introduction of new vehicles and specialists – 4000 UAH/60 min;
  4. Re-accreditation (reduction/increase of license volume, reduction of training terms, opening a branch) – from 35000 UAH;


Services related to driving school accreditation

  1. Preliminary consultation – from 3000 UAH;
  2. Familiarization with documents and preparation of “Individual accreditation plan” – from 5000 UAH;
  3. Writing of Working programs (plans) for training, retraining of drivers – from 3000 UAH / category;
  4. Obtaining a conclusion on material and technical base – from 15000 UAH;
  5. Preparation of documents for certification of specialists (confirmation of experience) – from 1000 UAH/specialist;
  6. Registration of training vehicles in accordance with the requirements of the legislation – from 4000 UAH/vehicle;
  7. Preparation and submission of accreditation case to the Accreditation Commission of the regional service center – from 5000 UAH;
  8. Representation at the meeting of the Accreditation Commission of the regional service center – from 7000 UAH;
  9. Challenging the decisions of the Accreditation Commission (decisions concerning the suspension of the certificate, revocation of the certificate of state accreditation of driver training institutions, decisions concerning the denial of accreditation) – from 7000 UAH;
  10. Challenging the refusal to certify a specialist, invalidation of the certificate – from 5000 UAH;


Opening a driving school

  1. Registration of the subject of entrepreneurial activity for driving school – FOP – from 4500 UAH. CJSC – from 9000 UAH;
  2. Obtaining permits – DSNS – 8000 UAH, State Consumer Service – 5000 UAH, Gostrud – 5000 UAH…;
  3. Obtaining a certificate of state accreditation of driving school “CONNECTIVE” – from 70000 UAH;
  4. Training and certification of instructors – from 5000 UAH/specialist;
  5. Rent of posters, stands, equipment for accreditation – from 7000 UAH;


Appealing the results of driver’s examinations at the TSC 

  1. Consultation (familiarization with the check-list (exam sheet), analysis of the examiner’s actions) – 2500 UAH;
  2. Writing a complaint and explanations (+ requesting the video of the exam and receiving the decision of the commission) – 4500 UAH;
  3. Writing an explanation from the instructor (if necessary) – 2500 UAH;
  4. Representation of the person at the meetings of the commission – 4500 UAH;
  5. Appealing the results of exams “CONNECTED” (13000 UAH), in case of refusal to cancel the results of 6500 UAH;
  6. Appealing the results of examinations in court – from 6000 UAH;


Traffic Accident

Departure to the place of road accident (analysis of the accident, formation of defense, writing explanations) – 5000 UAH (2 hours), further hours – 2500 UAH;

  1. Reporting to the insurance company (preparation of all necessary documents to obtain insurance compensation) – 4000 UAH; ;
  2. Familiarization with the case materials in court or police department – 4000 UAH, with a notarial power of attorney – 4800 UAH;
  3. Consultation – (familiarization with the case file, formation of a legal position) – 5000 UAH;
  4. Collection of evidence – from 3000 UAH;
  5. Preparation of explanations for the defense in court – 5000 UAH;
  6. Judicial appeal (preparation of a claim, appeal, withdrawal) – from 7000 UAH;
  7. Administrative appeal of actions and decisions of police officers (writing a statement or complaint) – from 6000 UAH;
  8. Recovery from the guilty party/insurance company of the amount of damage – from 8000 UAH (+20% of the amount);


Appealing fines

  1. Departure to the scene of the offense (analysis of the event, formation of the defense, writing explanations) – 5000 UAH (2 hours), subsequent hours – 2500 UAH;
  2. Consultation (familiarization with the case materials, formation of the legal position of the defense) – 5000 UAH/reception;
  3. Collection of evidence – from 3000 UAH;
  4. Appealing the decisions of the police and courts – from 6000 UAH;
  5. Return of the paid fine.



Detailed information can be obtained by tel. 096-493-06-68.