Our instructors and teachers

Our instructors and teachers


Oleksii, 39, is an instructor on Skoda Octavia cars with manual and automatic transmissions. He has a law degree. He has 21 years of experience in driving a car. This experience allows him to evaluate the quality of his student’s training (if any), his strengths and weaknesses, and make adjustments to the training program from the first lesson. Oleksii pays special attention to the problematic aspects of driving that cause difficulties for a particular beginner, and also teaches the skills that are necessary for all people who plan to drive a car in a modern metropolis (maneuvering, in tight spaces, parking, reversing, etc.). From the first lesson with Oleksii, you will no longer be afraid to drive in city mode. Lessons with him do not turn into gray everyday life, students go to class in a good mood. In addition to the knowledge gained, he also gives a lot of positive emotions, which is also important. If you want to learn to drive quickly, then come to our school for lessons with Oleksii.





Andrii is 37 years old and an instructor driving a Skoda Octavia with an automatic transmission. He has over 19 years of driving experience in cars with both manual and automatic transmissions. He practices an individual approach to each student, which allows him to successfully master all the necessary driving skills and techniques. Andrii also has a technical education and more than 9 years of teaching experience at the Higher School. Therefore, during theoretical lessons, which he conducts in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, you can easily learn the material necessary for passing the exams. In both theoretical and practical classes, you will always feel tolerated and respected. Come to us and see for yourself!





Valerii, 35, is the founder and director of a driving school and has two degrees. He conducts practical classes on Toyota Camry and Skoda Octavia A8. He has 18 years of driving experience, including 8 years as a driving instructor. He teaches foreigners in English and French. After completing a course in emergency training, he mastered and applies the skills of high-speed steering, emergency braking, skid recovery, etc. in his teaching. He also teaches traffic rules, provides legal protection for students during exams at the TSC, and trains future instructors to work at the driving school. He has taught safe driving for over 10,000 hours in 8 years. Valeriy’s lessons are a constant analysis of mistakes, modeling new tasks and finding solutions. After completing the course on the training car, the instructor will be able to move with you to your personal car and help you adapt to its dimensions and control functions. Knowing the city of Kyiv well, Valeriy has a huge number of intersections and dangerous places where he can test your knowledge of traffic rules and ability to cope with difficulties.





Daria, 33, deputy director of a driving school, university degree, traffic rules teacher, set a TSC record for the fastest test passing rate during certification. She also teaches practical classes on the simulator. Her precise and perfect knowledge of traffic rules makes her lectures useful and informative. As an excellent driver who has also completed a full course of emergency training, she shares her experience and life stories, which adds variety to the lessons. And 99% of her students pass their theory exams on the first try! The lectures are never boring, and each lesson is easy and positive.





Yehor is an instructor in simulator training: steering and car simulator.





Oleksandr – instructor on Skoda Scala and Skoda Octavia A7 (mechanics)